Clashmore Hall Facilities & Sizes

The Carnegie Hall in Clasmore is perfectly proportioned for theatre productions and musical performances, wedding dances, ceilidhs, and large and small dinners and meetings.

The Hall can be used as one large or two smaller rooms when the wooden partition is in place.


The Hall is insured to seat no more than 140 people

Dimensions (approximate):

Full Hall
  • Back wall to stage front     19.6 metres (64 feet)
  • Width                                9.04 metres (30 feet)
  • Floor area                         177 square metres (1,920 sq ft)

With Partition – Large Room

  • Partition to stage front        12.9 metres (42 feet)
  • Width                                 9.04 metres (30 feet)
  • Floor area                          116.5 square metres (1,260 sq ft)

With Partition – Small Room

  • Back wall to partition           6.7 metres (22 feet)
  • Width                                  9.04 metres (30 feet)
  • Floor area                           60.5 square metres (660 sq ft)


The Carnegie Hall also has a kitchen, dressing/changing room and toilets (male, female and disabled), and its own car park outside.


We offer super-fast unlimited broadband for your wedding or event at the following rates:

  • £50 for 3 day wedding event
  • £20 for 8 hour day event
  • £15 for evening event

Seats and Tables

There are:

  • 145 smart, padded chairs covered in blue velvet material
  • 39 plain plastic chairs
  • 16 square tables 60cm x 60cm
  • 14 rectangular tables 180cm x 75cm
  • 4 medium sized folding tables
Round tables (8’s and 10’s) can be hired.



There is an AED Defibrillator installed on the exterior of the hall in case of a medical emergency.

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